Sugar = enemy


Sugar is the enemy. It always has and always will be.

It’s in everything from tea to spaghetti sauce. Why is it spaghetti sauce? We know there is a little bit of sugar in tomatoes and other vegetables but by putting it on the nutrition label, companies are stating they add sugar.

One thing you will notice is I cut sugar down to half. Why? There is no need for so much sugar in things like cakes, cookies, puddings, cakes, brownies, tarts, cinnamon rolls and other pastries. It’s as if society is addicted to sugar and love putting excessive amounts of the white substance in everything. Why are you putting 1 cup of sugar in banana bread when you are using overripe bananas in it. The more ripe the banana the more sweet it is. The less sugar you need.

They say sugar is causing the world to become more obese. If you cut back the amount of sugar not only is the sugar count down, so is the carb count and the amount of calories. Think how much weight you will be losing.

Oh but what about sweeteners you ask. Sweeteners are poison. Sweeteners are full of chemicals that replicate sugar but are 15 – 60 times sweeter than sugar and more harmful to the body. One study back in 2002 found that diet coke caused seizures in people that drank in due to the aspartame in the sweeteners they used to make it a zero calorie zero carb zero sugar cola.

Also, not all diabetics can use sweeteners. I am one of them. I have to use sugar because if I use anything with aspartame or splenda, my blood sugar goes up to 400. So if it says sugar free, it means there’s aspartame in it and in some cases it is anything but diabetic friendly.

In reducing the amount sugar in all my baking I found the taste of my goodies to be pleasantly sweet and not overly sweet to the point of rotting my teeth off.

Therefore, reducing sugar in recipes is a way to promote a healthy lifestyle without feeling like you are cheating or falling off the bandwagon.


5 thoughts on “Sugar = enemy

  1. Agree entirely – it IS the enemy. But once in awhile you need a birthday cake. I found that combining sugar with lots of protein and good fats (eg nuts), moderates sugar spikes and makes a passable (and totally delicious) once in a while sugar food šŸ™‚


    • Unfortunately my husband has a sweet tooth. Which is why halfing the sugar content is so important. However, once I made an angel food cake cutting the amount of sugar in it by half and it was still ridiculously sweet. I don’t understand why I’m putting so much sugar in sweet things anymore if it is unnessacary. It’s become a game between me and my family about how much the recipe called for and how much I actually put in.

      So if you have a sweet tooth and don’t want to restrict your diet, half the sugar. That way you can have your cake and eat it too.


  2. I’ve been using stevia in lots of things – especially good if the food is a liquid one. Baking is trickier. Read my post “Ghost frog”s and my current post too, for a couple of funny experiences with sugar. Also, my beet cake with stevia turned out well – just the right sweetness (although one person said not sweet enough for their sweet tooth). A person can train that sweet tooth, I think. But live and learn šŸ™‚


  3. I would love to use Stevia, but it’s lumped in the aspartame and splenda category. My kidneys won’t filter it. We’ve tried everything under the sun and my blood sugar gets too high. I’ll take 200 over 400 any day of the week. Therefore anything considered a sugar substitute, I cannot use.

    And the thing about is, a lot of diabetic – be it type 1 or type 2 – are in the same boat as me. That’s why I firmly believe in halfing the sugar and making everything by scratch. I don’t know what’s in the box mixes, I don’t know how it will effect my blood sugar and I’m not willing to find out when there is another way to allow me to eat certain things. It’s the only way I can control what I put in my body.

    So If you don’t like using or can’t use sugar substitute be it artificial or all natural, half the sugar and eat in moderation. You can achieve a healthy lifestyle this way and feel good about yourself.


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