Coffee: Brown Sugar vs White Sugar


A few days ago my mother in law moved my brown sugar hiding it. So when I went to make awesome Puerto Rican coffee I was forced to use white sugar.

My husband saw nothing wrong with using white but I was mortified. Why would I even use white sugar when brown is available? White sugar is for tea, brown sugar is for coffee. Everyone knows that!

That when he reminds me that I wasn’t raised american and it must be a Puerto Rican/European thing. I tried to explain that brown sugar cuts the bitterness of the coffee leaving it nice and smooth but he definitely was not believing it.

So I tried my coffee with the white sugar and milk. Normally I only need one tablespoon of brown sugar to make my coffee perfect. I put one spoonful in of the white – nothing. Two – a little better. Three – it was nastily sweet and I had to pour my coffee goodness down the drain. I was so frustrated. Puerto Ricans know their coffee and how to make it amazing. That’s why there isn’t a Starbucks on the island. Why pay $4 for a coffee when it gets you a can of the ground good stuff that you can make in the comfort of your own home.

Besides 1 big spoonful of brown beats however many spoonfuls of white to get your coffee to your liking.


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