Fake Mashed Potatoes – cream cheese vs. milk and butter

Two Christmases ago, Mumika had to radically change our holiday dinners. Originally we would have candied yams with marshmallow topping (which Pamina and I never ate), stove top stuffing, green bean casserole, creamy mashed potatoes, carrots and potatoes that were around the turkey while it cooked, the Puerto Rican turkey, cheesecake, tiramisu, trifle, gravy. And there usually was only three of us – Mumika, Me, and Pamina. Later it would be Mumika, Me, and Bryan and then recently Pamina finally made it home for the holidays and brought her husband Warren with her so we would be up to 5.

In 2011, the day after black Friday, I went into diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) where my blood sugar was nearly 1500 and I nearly shot out my kidneys. After a week of being in a medically induced coma, I woke up to being on dialysis (which thank god I’m off of) and was discharged literally 12 days before Christmas. Mumika decided to revise her holiday menu so that I could eat everything and not worry about carb count. The two major things she replaced was the candied yam casserole thing with baked sweet potato slices and the mashed potatoes with a mashed cauliflower/potato mixture. She also made her own stuffing instead of stove top. Everyone loved the new mashed “potatoes” and claimed it was better than the real dish.

Last Christmas, she tried to make a fake mashed potato without doing a half cauliflower half potato like the year before. It was good but not as great as the year before.

I think the problem was she only used milk and butter. So I went to the internet looking up 15 different cauliflower mash recipes. A lot of them had pointless ingredients and as always I try to find the most simplest. I don’t want cheese or chives or green onions and what have you in my fake mashed potatoes.

But I noticed, cream cheese was a constant. Mumika’s mashed potatoes always used cream cheese with a small amount of mayo. I’m definitely not putting mayo in this, but maybe what was missing was that cream cheese.

Needless to say, I’m making up my own recipe from all the other recipes I went through. Hopefully it will work.


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