Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey day!

This is the first Thanksgiving dinner I have ever made. Mumika drove up last night and commented on how great it was not to have to cook. Usually she starts cooking around 7AM. I, however had a game plan. I put together all this dishes that needed extra time yesterday and spent all of today chopping veggies. In the end, I only spent about 3 hours in the kitchen total cooking.

Although, I do find it interesting how we take a whole week off of our lives just to cook one meal all day. We cook, and we cook, and we cook, then the dinner is finished after what seems like forever and we never think of eating while we’re cooking so we are starving on top of that, and then we spend like 15 minutes eating this one meat, four sides, two bread meal. At least there is this thing called left overs. However, by the time you’ve eaten all the left overs, Christmas is near and the whole process starts over again.

My Thanksgiving Table

My Thanksgiving Table


My yummy plate of awesome Turkey!


My husband deep fried an awesome turkey. On half was injected with this creole spicy awesomeness known as Texas Butter. Had a good kick to it. And the other half of the turkey was injected with a herb and garlic marinade. We had to strain because it was way to think and pieces in it that kept blocking the hole of the injector.

Needless to say we are definitely doing fried turkeys from here on out. No more taking 5 hours to roast a turkey and you can fry one in under an hour. And next time, it’s going to be Puerto Rican Turkey we will fry. Nomnomnomnom.




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