The After Thanksgiving Breakfast

There’s always leftovers. Always. What do you do with these leftovers so that you won’t end up eating the same thing for what seems like days on end?

If you made some sort of roasted veggie dish – green beans, mushrooms, or a sweet potato carrot dish with onions and mushrooms like I did, then you can make a simple breakfast that is amazing, filling, and succulent.

Yummy breakfast

The day after Thanksgiving Breakfast 

sunny side up egg
roasted vegetables


Make a sunny side up egg in a frying pan.

While cooking the egg, place roasted vegetables on a plate and heat in the microwave for 1minute.

When egg is done, put onto of roasted vegetables.

Makes 1 plate. Obviously I can’t put the nutritional value because I have no clue what roasted vegetables you used. If there’s potatoes, then you will have a starch. Chopped sweet potatoes, all though a starch, does lower blood sugar. The egg is packed with protein needed to start your day. Therefore it is important to have a protein in your breakfast.


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