Coquito – Puerto Rican Eggnog

When Mumika was in town for Thanksiving, my husband made a request.


Mumika makes it almost every year and gives it out as a Christmas present to her coworkers. When I lived near her, my friends always came by for the holiday dessert leftovers and the coquito. At my masters graduation party it was a requirement to take a shot of coquito when you walked through the door.

“Why?” my friend’s boyfriend ask.
“Don’t question it, just do it.” was her reply.

I’m a sucker for traditions.

Usually when Mumika makes her coquito, Bryan is only allowed a little shot of it because he’s always on his way to work. So, it made sense that he would ask her to make something on a day where he knew he had no where to be or to go. This way he could savor it for once.

We ended up bringing it to his sister’s house the night she made it that way they could try the amazing drunken yumminess that is coquito.

The main thing about this Puerto Rican eggnog is 1) Like pasteles, everyone makes it differently, 2) Coconut is the main everything, 3) this recipe does not have eggs, and 4) ALWAYS use Bacardi – the superior clear stuff. No spiced, not the flavored. Good ole clear rum.

When Mumika first started making coquito, she used eggs. Then her brother came over and was all what are you doing, you’re making it wrong. His way was literally four ingredients. 4! And she’s made it that way ever since.



2 cans of coconut milk (use Goya)
Rum, usually a third of the bottle
A can of coconut cream (use Goya)
a cinnamon stick


Find a empty bottle of something (a wine bottle, a 2 liter bottle, something big).

Place the cinnamon stick in the bottle. Pour the milk, cream, and rum into the bottle.

Put the lid on the bottle and shake it like crazy. Sing a little and act like the bottle is maracas.

When thoroughly shaken, serve. Sprinkle some ground cinnamon on it.

This is more of a liqueur. Please serve it cold. Do not chug it.

I’m not even going to figure out the nutrition values. If you’re diabetic, one shot and that’s it. Trust me, you drink 8 oz of this and you will get sick.


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