The Christmas Eve Menu

I told you I love designing menus.

One of my high school friend would tell people she could imagine me married to a lawyer putting together lavish dinner parties.

I didn’t marry a lawyer and hopefully one day I can start hosting lavish dinner parties. We used to host wine and cheese partied when we lived in Houston. They weren’t quite lavish, but they were entertaining. It also helps that Bryan is quite an entertainer when alcohol is in him.

Besides, coming up with holiday menus can be considered practice for later.

Christmas Eve Menu


Arroz con gandules

Arroz con dulce (sweet rice)

You probably are looking at the screen wondering if there is sugar in my brain because it looks like gibberish.

Mumika is Puerto Rican albeit an Americanized one. I married a white guy. The last time I was in Puerto Rico it was around Christmastime. Puerto Rican have seasonal yummy food. The pasteles can be (metaphorically speaking) like a Mexican tamale. It really isn’t though. Every Puerto Rican family makes it differently. My family uses green bananas and plantain for the dough. I’ve had it with solely plantain dough, yucca dough, as well as with red and green bell peppers in the meat, chopped olives, and so forth. Gandules is pigeon peas. And everyone makes that differently too. However, the arroz con dulce usually stays the same and is like rice pudding.

Bryan and I decided last year to start making our own traditions. This was one that I am very adamant about. Luckily, Bryan likes Puerto Rican food. I have to keep my heritage somehow and when we have kids I want them not only to look forward to the gift giving that is Christmas but also the food. And, we can turn it into a whole family helps in the process of making pasteles for Christmas eve tradition. Pasteles is a two day multiple person job.


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