Hot Cocoa Ornaments

Christmas is near, a little too near, less than 5 days away actually.

I have a lot of family on my husband’s side. There’s 16 of us total. 17 technically since one of my sister in laws is pregnant.

I will be honest, We didn’t have enough money to buy everyone an awesome present so I did a homemade gift. They say homemade is the best way to go, so there I went.


Hot Cocoa Ornaments.

They are so cute, its not even funny. They are simply to make, so can do it in large quantities if you decide to give everyone at the office one, and you can hang them on the tree.

Unfortunately, they are not husband proof. Bryan ended up shaking half of them by accident. But, everyone loved them.

What you will need:

Clear glass ornaments. You can find them at hobby lobby.

Hot cocoa mix. I used milk and dark chocolate. I was searching for white chocolate but there was a hot cocoa shortage thanks to extremely cold weather.

Sprinkles. You can find cute little Christmas tress and snowflakes at Walmart.

Mashmellow bits. Usually they are near the hot chocolate.

Bashed candy canes. Great to relieve stress that comes with the holidays. Take a hammer and bash the candy canes into smitherings. By far my favorite part.

How to put together:

Open the ornament. Get a funnel and pour the hot cocoa into the ornaments. Then pour in the sprinkles. If you want to make it a peppermint hot cocoa, pour in the candy cane pieces. Lastly, pour the marshmallow bits. Fit the top of the ornament back on and decorate with a ribbon.

Its that easy. I did a dark chocolate and a peppermint milk chocolate hot cocoa.

Dark chocolate hot cocoa

Dark chocolate hot cocoa

Peppermint milk chocolate cocoa
Peppermint milk chocolate cocoa


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