New Years Eve Party Menu

I’m a week ahead. Its probably because a) I’m not really making Christmas dinner. My sister in law invited us over. Turns out they decided to do brisket this year. And b) when you’ve been in a coma twice, all sense of time is warped. I find that half the time I’m freaking out for no reason because its Monday and not Wednesday like I thought.

But there isn’t anything wrong with being a week ahead during the holidays because its the holidays and if your a day ahead it means you’re actually two days behind. Everyone know holiday season days are merely 12 hour days and not the usual 24 hours. And why is that? The sun starts setting around 5.

Anyways, I’ve been trying to figure this menu out for the past week. This is the fourth and last revision. Even though it won’t be a big party, maybe 12 including Bryan and myself, the Brit in me has high expectations of my hosting. Maybe I shouldn’t have watched nearly every episode of Keeping Up Appearances during my childhood.

I also tend to worry about the food. I had the same problem before Bryan and my wedding. Food is pretty much everything to me. Show me the menu and I’ll tell you how great the shindig was.

So without ado – The New Years Eve Party Menu

The savory

Mini Brisket sandwiches
Toasted Ravioli with marinara sauce
Caprese Bruschetta

The sweet

Chocolate dipped clementine
Snow cookies
Candied walnuts

The festivities

Strawberry Daquiri Jello Shots

Of course there will be champagne along with orange juice for Mimosas the next morning. If people crash we might do a little waffle bar as a shout out to my youth.

Bryan decided its going to be one of our let’s drink while the main food is being cooked themed parties. We usually do it with a roast where a few friends would come over, we would drink for a bit while it cooks and then indulge in a yummy dinner when the roast was done. This time it will be brisket. Hence the mini brisket sandwiches.

And the tradition of a shot of coquito when you enter the house will continue. Because it just isn’t the holidays without coquito.

The wassail is more of a way to keep everyone warm while we watch fireworks. Sometimes I feel like wassail is the Brits answer to hot chocolate even though wassail dates back further. I love wassail. I used to love going to William & Sonoma during Christmastime just to drink their “mulling spices”. I think I bought Mumika a tin of it once.

Happy day before Christmas Eve!


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