Revised New Years Menu

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. And menus will always keep you on your toes.

Bryan has decided to cook a roast instead of smoking a brisket. Its cheaper and he couldn’t find brisket under 30 pounds. I am quite saddened over this decision, but he wanted to do this so his decision is the final one. Maybe we will make roasted beef crostini?

Then I couldn’t find meat ravioli. If I was in Houston, I would just walk over to Krogers. But up here in the country I only have an HEB or Walmart. Its quite frustrating. So tortellini it is. Now I have to find a good recipe.

On the brighter side, instead of trying to find pineapple juice (which is nonexistent in a small town with a limited juice aisle), I decided to use simply orange orange with pineapple juice. *boom* killed two birds with one stone. And I’ll have enough juice left over to make rum punch with Malibu. It occurred to me during my 3rd stop so I bought grenadine.

Also the strawberries were small. I had a lot of jello left over.

Turns out you can’t make wassail in the slow cooker with the alcohol in it. Typically people put the amount of alcohol they want in a cup and ladle the wassail on top of it.

So revised menu

Tortellini with marinara sauce
Caprese bruschetta

Clementine dipped in dark chocolate
Snow cookies
Candied walnuts

Strawberry daiquiri shots in a strawberry
Strawberry daiquiri jello shots
Wassail – guests add their own amount of whiskey to their cup.

I didn’t deviate too much from the original version.


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