Wassail is perfect for cold nights to warm you up.

It reminds me of my childhood and smells heavenly. The whole house will smell like the holidays.

The combination of juices and spices tickle the taste buds. Its like a hot punch.

The party ended up staying outside huddled around a nice fire (Bryan built a fire pit that day) and set fire to fireworks to celebrate the New Year. Wassail was perfect to keep your body warm and the fingers from getting frostbite.

I ended up going through 15 different recipes until I decided to make my own recipe. I live in a small town and I couldn’t find pineapple juice. I ended up using orange pineapple juice.

The great part is – I didn’t have add any sugar. The sweetness comes from the pineapple juice.


Crockpot Wassail

Gallon apple cider
3 cups pineapple orange juice
2 cinnamon sticks
6 whole cloves
Orange, sliced


Pour juices into crockpot.

Add spices and orangle slices to crockpot.

Cover. Set to high for 2 hours, then low for 4 hours.

Makes 20. Serving size 3/4 cup. Calories: 112, Carbohydrates: 27grams, Sugar: 23 grams.

This recipe is nonalcoholic. Turns out its pointless to add alcohol while doing a crockpot version. If you do it over the stove then you can add alcohol.

If you want to make it all alcoholicy, then put the brandy, apple schnapps, or whiskey in the cup first and ladle the wassail over it.

Either way its delicious. Curl up on a couch with a good book, a nice fire, and a cup of wassail on those cold winter nights. Give tea a rest and drink some wassail. You won’t be disappointed.

The nutritional value might be less due to evaporation. I didn’t take that into consideration.


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