Going home to visit friends and celebrate a birthday

On Saturday, I return to Houston for a brief visit. When I say brief I mean like I’m only there for two full days. I’ll making my way back to the country Tuesday.

Bryan isn’t looking forward to it because it’ll mean the puppies will be in the pen outside for about 12 hours. At least there’s room to play and run.

I’m visiting for many reasons. One of my best friends birthdays was yesterday, a friend from college will be in town and I haven’t seen him since 2005 (damn that’s nearly 10 bloody years), I miss my massage friends and my karaoke friends, and most importantly to see my beloved Momo. And of course Mumika.

I have to go to Sherlocks Sunday night for drunken karoake, go to bubble island at least twice, hang out at Nobi with Kelly Monday night. These are my traditions while home.

But what I really am looking forward to is cooking in my first kitchen. And I already created a menu of yumminess that I am subjecting Mumika to.

Pancakes – mine will be blueberry though
Blueberry banana oatmeal
Turkey on top of mushroom spaghetti
Steak with an avocado corn tomato salsa and sweet potato hash
Vanilla caramel roasted pears

It’ll be like the high school years except I’m thinking more outside the box. That and I really miss having a kitchen that I consider my own. I know where everything is. I don’t have to worry about things being moved or in use. Or taking up space in a fridge. Or someone not eating my cooking.

Something tells me Mumika will freeze the leftovers. She always does that. I think its her way of not having to cook and have another day of amazing food. And she’s so sneaky about it to. She’ll eat her amount and by the time I’m ready for seconds (I eat slower than her), everything is put away into the freezer.

“I was planning to eat that tomorrow.”
“That’s okay. Why don’t you cook something tomorrow” Mumika replies with her sneaky grin.

I’m on to you Mumika.


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