A week of food

Mumika likes to put my food in containers and freeze them for a later day.

This time I beat her to her sneakiness and put everything into containers.

She even had me make extra food for her just so she could freeze it.

There’s only 1 of her, so you know these leftovers will probably last 2 days if most of the amount of servings per dish is roughly 6. There were only two of us eating and the amount I can eat most of the time is quite small compared to a normal person. Which means 3 servings max that gets eaten between the two of us. Its all a science, I swear.

I made her the cheating tortellini bake. All of that went into the freezer but not before she could find a fork and eat some. I figured there’s about 4 days of food right there.

There were leftovers of the turkey mushroom spaghetti. So I figured two days.

Then we had the steak with the corn tomato salsa. There was one steak left leaving her with 1 day or rather the next day leftovers.

Grand total: 7 days, a week of her not having to worry about food.

That’s pretty major. A weeks worth of groceries she doesn’t have to worry about. She’s saving between $100 – $200 (if that). No wonder she has me cook so much when I come to visit.

Not only is she not having to worry about her meals for x-amount of days but she’s also saving money on top of that. Its a win-win for her. Yummy food and money that can be used towards something else in the future. And she doesn’t even have to get her hands dirty. Wow.


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