Portions – what it means for a diabetic

When I was visiting Mumika in January, I noticed how different her portions are compared to mine.

We are from Texas where the saying goes “Everything is bigger in Texas” and its true. Especially when it comes to portions of food. The only other place that can match these epic portions is Maui.

When I lived in Boston I always complained how small the portions were. Little did I know these are normal size portions.

Take a medium size coke you order at a fast food place. They range from 20 oz to 24 oz. I remember when 12 – 16 oz was the norm for a medium drink.

A spaghetti at Olive Garden is huge enough to feed two people. I always take some of it home.

Don’t get me started on BBQ. Why? There’s no such thing as too much BBQ.

What used to be generous is now small.

Or maybe I can’t eat as much. Actually I know I can’t. If I eat more than 4 oz of any meat, I get sick.

Remember that nutritionist that told me I could never eat pasta? The normal portion for me is a fistful of pasta. The question becomes what is a fistful? I have tiny hands. Football players have massive hands.

I can’t eat more than two golf ball size scoops of ice cream in a sitting. Which amazingly, is enough for me. When Bryan and I order dessert at a restaurant we share because I get two spoonfuls in and I’m done. Sort of works in his favor.

Case and point. The two pictures below. The first one is my portions for dinner. The second is what Mumika served herself.



Its stunning how different they are. You can see my plate while hers is full.

So when I put makes ____ , the portions are for a diabetic. They are not for a normal person that has a functional pancreas that can produce insulin on its own.

These portions are great for people who want to lose weight or eat healthier. Its not all about what you put in your mouth but how much you eat.

Oh, and the slice of meat on my plate was too much. That was also my 4th meal of the day, but whatever, I had people to see and the setting revolved around food.


2 thoughts on “Portions – what it means for a diabetic

  1. I laughed so hard when I saw the two portions. I really need to eat like you do. But that corn, avocado, feta cheese tomato thing was soooooo delicious I just could not help myself. To think we shared a steak and it looked huge on my plate. Mind you it wasn’t a big plate. But I did fill it up and did not go for seconds.


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