Bryan’s Birthday Menu

Brybry decided about a week ago that he wanted to go to Houston to celebrate his birthday. Last year was rather lackluster and this year it falls on a Sunday.

Sundays were big for us in Houston. Every Sunday we went to one if the local bars for drunken karaoke. Its something we’ve been doing since he moved down to Houston. Hell, the after party on our Wedding Night was held there. In fact, the DJ added Bryan’s song to the list after he rushed to the stage when they put the video on and sang every part to I’m on a boat. Its now his song and no one is allowed to sing it.

Of course this means I’ll be cooking a little at Mumuka’s. Originally I was going to cook a rather lavish dinner but Bryan decided he wants to go to Michiru for dinner. That place is a gem in the NASA area.

He also wants to leave at 830AM on Monday, but I know that won’t happen.

Birthday Menu

Sunday Morning – Cinnamon Rolls with cream cheese frosting
High Tea Sunday – Chocolate pudding cake
Monday Dinner (at our house) – Chicken Pizziola with a strawberry pie (This will be my way of cooking his birthday dinner)

If I don’t cook the pizziola Monday, it will definitely happen Tuesday. Tuesday is my boss’ birthday and she never works on her birthday so I basically get a 3 day weekend. Yay!


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