Banana Pancake Fail!!!!

I know you’ve seen it all over the internet. The life hacks when it comes to food.

I know better than to try these audacious claims. Why? Because they fail epically. I tried the mini pineapple upside down cakes that you make in muffin tins. That failed. It was too eggy. Luckily, I only wasted 88 cents.

I will not try to make anything that cost an exorbitant amount of money to make where it might blow up in your face. Then what happens? You get pissed and want to kill things and curse the person who created such a disgusting mess of food ruining perfectly good ingredients that could be made into something more yummy.

It’s like the crockpot orange chicken with the wrong picture posted on facebook recipe pages everywhere. Or that stupid eggless edible chocolate chip cookie dough recipe. I’ve tried that one too. It was the most bland thing I’ve ever created. And I was looking forward to it because I was going to dip it into chocolate and make chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. But that didn’t happen because the recipe was wrong. I was angry, oh so angry. I ended up adding some eggs and baking soda into it and it became a chocolate chip cookie cake. My father inlaw gobbled that shit up with milk. I think it’s the only dessert I’ve made that he has eaten. So, at least it didn’t go to waste.

Where am I going with this?

I had a ripe banana and access to two eggs.

You know where I’m going.


Don’t let the smiley face out of food fool you. It is not all sunbeams, unicorns, and rainbows.

You mash the banana, whisk in two eggs and all of a sudden you have these yummy good for you pancakes that gluten free, dairy free and all that jazz.


What you get is basically overly sweet banana taste that makes you sick with cooked egg.

Have you ever noticed how no one writes about actually trying it and it tasting good?!?!?!? It’s because either no one has tried it or the people that have tried it doesn’t want to own up that they have tried it to warn people not to attempt is because the taste was absolutely atrocious.

It fluffed up a little like a pancake, smelled like a pancake, but it lies and deceives you. Even when it hits your taste buds for the first time, you’re thinking okay, a little sweet but no big deal. But then the second wave of flavor and after taste sets in and everything goes horrible wrong in your mouth making you wonder what on earth you got yourself into to.

So if someone says this is the most amazing pancake ever and they will never make pancakes any other way for the rest of their lives – they either have no taste buds, don’t know what good food taste like, or, the most logical, are lying to you.


Your body, mind, and tongue will thank you.

Here at the DIABETIC Kitchen, we aren’t all about yummy food, we are also about warning you about the icky food that masques itself as yummy food enticing you to be adventurous and try it. We sacrifice our taste buds, so that you will never have to try anything grotesque ever.

You have been warned.

You’re Welcome.

Out of curiosity, I did the nutritional value. All the websites claims its for one person, but you can make three pancakes easy with it. FOR EACH PANCAKE. Calories: 78, Carbohydrates: 8 grams, Sugar: 4 grams, Fiber: 1 gram, Protein: 5 grams.



2 thoughts on “Banana Pancake Fail!!!!

  1. Yup I tried it and dang it tastes weird just like you said. Good and fluffy/gooey and then what the heck?!! type of a taste.

    I want to try it one more time, but really alter the recipe, 1: Reverse it, have 2 bananas and 1 egg, and add SOMETHING that acts like flour, maybe apple sauce. If it work I’ll let ya know. Otherwise yeah shoot this recipe in the head.

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    • I think maybe if it was one not so ripe banana and one egg, it might work better. The whole point of this supposed life hack was that there isn’t any added sugar or added carbs like flour therefore allowing you to indulge without the guilt. But let me know if it tastes good after you tweak it.


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