Cilantro Kidney Cleanse

I’m diabetic and I’m doing a cleanse.

Diabetics are usually told not to do cleanses or juicing because it is highly dangerous. It wonks up our bodies and the blood sugars get all out of whack and the next thing we know, we are in a coma.

Have you looked at the carbs of juice cleanses? Some of them are 56 grams and you drink it 3 times a day. Fuck that! If there’s an apple or pear in the juice, forget about it. And oranges are just as bad, hence drinking the juice during a low.

So why am I doing this cleanse? I’m bored. Its not one of those you can only drink this and water for 5 days sort if things. If anything, its a low maintenance cleanse that won’t leave you starving because all you are eating is rabbit food. And its all natural. Bryan is not happy about it so I’m checking my blood sugar more than usual.

Its a cilantro cleanse. I read somewhere that cilantro can help lower blood sugar and help the pancreas produce insulin. Although, it is more of a kidney cleanse.

The kidneys filter toxins from the body on a daily basis. But there are certain toxins, like metal from fish and tooth fillings, that stay in the kidneys because there’s no where for it to go. A cilantro cleanse help absorb these toxins and get rid of them through urination. But that’s not the only thing this cleanse helps with. Supposedly it can help with sleep, anxiety, back pain (which i think is really the kidneys way of screaming help!), fertility, blood sugar, fatigue and some other issues that do not pertain to me. In fact, cilantro is used as part of a diet in Europe to help manage diabetes.

Oh, and because you’re eliminating salt, toxins, and Lord knows what else, there might be some weight loss. Everyone loves losing weight. But do not do this cleanse if that is your end goal. It is not guaranteed.

So this is more than a mere kidney cleanse, its a whole body cleanse.

And beside, sometimes its those harmful toxins that have no place to go that causes infections, diseases, and chronic medical conditions. Most people focus on colon cleanse, but what about the liver and kidneys and other organs whose main function is to get rid of waste? Shouldn’t those organs get squeaky clean so that can be healthy? After all, a healthy organ is a healthy body.

The question then becomes how to I get squeaky clean healthy kidneys?

Its actually really easy and the cleanse hardly asks anything of you.

Get a bunch of cilantro.
Wash it.
Put it in a large pot.
Pour about 2 liters of water into the pot over the cilantro.
Boil the cilantro for 10 minutes.
Remove pot from heat and let the “tea” cool down.
Pour the tea through a strainer to filter the cilantro leaves and the tea into a gallon water jug or something to that effect.
Keep in fridge.

What do you have to do during the  cleanse?

Its simple. For 7 days, drink 8 ounces of the cilantro tea a day. Make sure you drink it on an empty stomach. I usually drink it before dinner since that’s my biggest meal of the day. I also drink about 16 ounces of water after drinking the tea. Then sit back, reap the benefits, and go about your merry way.

Now the question becomes, how do you know its working? Most websites will say you don’t. But your body gives you clues. I’m currently on day 4 of this cleanse.

Day 1 – nothing.
Day 2 – I woke up at 4AM to the start of a blood sugar dip. My BS was already at 91.
Day 3 – I felt heavy and had to go to the bathroom every hour. Lots of peeing. And then, this is way too much info but consider it a warning of what may happen, the mud poop came for about 4 hours straight. Talk about a colon cleanse.
Day 4 – lots of peeing so far.

How does it taste? Like cilantro. If you down it, it taste like water and then the spiciness of the cilantro is apparent in the aftertaste. That’s where drinking 2 cups of water after comes in handy.

Whether you choose to try this or not, its up to you. But if you have some cilantro laying around the house about to go to waste, use it….in this cleanse.


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