BLT club wrap

I technically can’t eat bread. Love the stuff. Love it sooo much that I need to go to BA (breadaholic anonymous). But it does not love me.

I have a wheat allergy. I’ll gain 10 pounds like its nothing if there’s bread in the house. I think its all the additives and crap they pump the bread with nowadays.

Enter the tortilla.

Everything taste better in a tortilla. Sandwich too messy, wrap that bitch up in a tortilla. Have 10 minutes to wolf down your lunch? Wrap it up in a tortilla and you’ll have 5 minutes to spare.

Actually that last sentence was what inspired me to make the BLT Club wrap. My husband is so busy at work that he didn’t have time for lunch. If he did take lunch, he would be two hours behind.

Enter the wrap.


BLT Club Wrap

4 burrito size tortillas
4 slices of cheese
1 avocado, deseeded and sliced
4 slices of turkey
4 slices of ham
4 slices of bacon, fried
1 cup lettuce, chopped
1 medium sized tomato, chopped
2 tablespoons of honey mustard.


In a small bowl, mix bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes with the honey mustard.

Lay the tortilla down on a huge plate and lay down a slice of turkey on the bottom part of the tortilla, then a slice of ham, and then a slice of cheese.

Put 1/4th of the bacon mixture over the cheese towards the bottom of the tortilla.

Lay a few slices of the avocado over the bacon mixture.

Roll the tortilla tightly from the bottom to the top.

Slice in half.

Makes 8 halves. Calories: 248, Carbohydrates: 20 grams, Sugar: 3 grams, Fiber: 3 grams, Protein: 14 grams.

I used muenster cheese and maple Virginia baked ham slices. The sweetness of the ham enhanced the flavor.

Bryan ended up added some dijon mustard to it for an extra kick. But that’s Bryan, he likes dijon on all his sandwiches.

I think this wrap is a nice pick-me-up from the mundane feeling a regular sandwich may have. The kiddos may enjoy it too although it sort of has a sophistication to it. Paired with a fruit salad and you have the perfect lunch.


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