Easter Menu

Back in the day, Easter was more about egg hunting, easter baskets, and going to Krogers for their easter egg hunt.

I remember that the most. We would walk over and I would be sooo excited. Who ever found the golden egg won a prize and every year I was determined to find it.

And guess what….I did.

That was my childhood. No going to church praying for Jesus the day he rose. No asking God to forgive our sins and thanking him for sacrificing his only son for the continuation of humanity.

Nope. It was all about easter egg hunting. There was the Kroger hunt. Then I came home and hunted with my neighbors. Mumika would hide two different eggs. The plastic was always filled with candy and hidden outside while the ceramic eggs were hidden inside and at the end, I would get my easter basket.

I was 17 and still easter egg hunting inside and outside the house. Mumika would get all excited and within 10 minutes I would find them all.

I guess it was a way to relive the good times of my childhood.

Bryan’s Easters consisted of dying eggs, egg hunting, and deviled eggs.

Even though I don’t have kids yet, that won’t stop me from making Bryan a small easter basket.

And cook some awesome food. Anything to plan a good menu. I’m not doing the traditional pot roast/rack of lamb/baked ham. And the sides will be shying away from the norm. You can eat peas and potatoes and carrots any day if the week.

Easter Menu

German Beef Rouladen
Baked Cream Corn
Asparagus, Mushroom, Onion, and Bacon Sauté

Black bottom coconut cream bars

Sometimes the most unconventional is the best.


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