Mother’s day Menu

Mother’s day is upon us.

Mumika’s at her house. I’m up here. I suppose I could cook for my mother in law, but I really don’t feel like it. I could invite her over to eat. It is Sunday and Mormons rest that day. Maybe I’ll do that. Invite her over. She’ll probably decline.

Bryan and I don’t make a big deal out of Mother’s day or Father’s day because we are parents of an angel baby. I know it’s been 4 years since we lost Maddie, but it still hurts. I’m not even allowed to really talk about her to Bryan anymore because it makes him so depressed. But I get it, because I have days where I wish she was here.

Anyways, I’ve decided to go with more ethnic cuisine. Most people are about brunch or taking their mom out to dinner. Not me. I’m going to try something different. Except for the carrots. The carrots will be normal.

Why an ethnic based dinner? Why not? It’s my day, I’ll cook what I want to. Besides, it’s all about trying new things, attempting new recipes, and what have you. Sure I could make some cucumber finger sandwiches with chicken salad in an avocado, tea, lemonade, and fruit tarts, make it all tea time themed, but where’s the fun in that. Let’s try something completely different. Let’s try making food from a completely different country in a completely different continent where English is not their first or primary language. Let’s be daring. Brave. Adventurous. And hope to death it’s not as awful as going to a sushi/Asian fusion restaurant and trying angus sushi. I hate seaweed. I really do.

Mother’s Day Menu

Indian Butter Chicken with Rice
Honey Roasted Carrots
Homemade Naan bread
Umm Ali (Egyptian Dessert)
Strawberry Lemonade

Ok, so the strawberry lemonade isn’t really ethnic, but whatever. Maybe I’ll put some black pearl tapioca at the bottom to make it exotic.

I think this dinner is going to be awesome and yummy. It’s definitely different.

Maybe when I have a 5 year old daughter, we will do the tea time themed one.


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