No stove for a week

We’ve been remodeling the house…for a little bit over a year. It’s been nothing but obstacle after obstacle. We take 1 step forward and end up 5 steps back every single time. Our latest conundrum has been the realization that we can’t put in the bathroom sink until the kitchen sink is ready. The sinks are back to back. So despite the fact that we have a shower, we have stalled on completing a bathroom that has take a year to create.

In order to put the sinks in, we have to tile the kitchen. In order to tile the kitchen we have to destroy the makeshift kitchen we created. We also get to move the fridge and the stove. I am quite pissed over this whole ordeal because I’ve been fighting putting the stove in knowing that it would have to be moved at a later date. But my father in law was adamant on it, so in the stove went. Sometimes I think people think I’m stupid and illogical so they ignore me. This is case and point.

This means I will not have a stove or oven to complete my Mother’s day menu. Something I was actually looking forward to. It also means I get to make slow cooker meals. I think I’m going to repeat a few meals from last year and post it.

Some recipes to look out for:

Pina Colada Cake (absolutely amazing)
Peach Cobbler
Baked Apples
Steak and Peppers with rice
Chicken Parmesan
Cheesy Cowboy Casserole
Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Yeah. That looks like a good menu for the next week.

Luckily I have about 7 or 8 recipes to post so you won’t be missing out. If anything, this might give me a chance to catch up on all the recipes. Maybe this no stove thing is a blessing in disguise.


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