Fire Breathing Rum Punch

Sometime you just need a drink.

I know I sure as hell do.

Work was hectic. My boss seemed to be on a war rampage.

As I’m about to leave work, I say cheerfully “Happy Mother’s Day.”
My boss looks at me and says, “I would say Happy Mother’s day but…”
I quickly respond glaring at her, “I’m still a mother even though my daughter’s dead.”
She replies, “Well, I’ll just say same to you. Same to you.”

What a cold hearted cold blooded malicious bitch. What the fuck. Seriously what the fuck.

And she proudly calls herself a Christian! That is by far the most unchristian thing to say. Who the fuck says that to someone.

I called Bryan up while I was driving home and told him about it. When I came home, he took the grocery bags from my hands, set them on the floor and hugged me. All I could say was, “How can someone be so mean? Why would someone say such a mean thing?” Don’t get me wrong, I’ve said some pretty mean things in my life but there is a line you never cross and that’s one of them. I really should have seen this coming, she told me one day that I’m probably not meant to have kids. What the fuck does that mean?!?!

I’ll be honest, I sort of feel like her kids don’t really care about her. I mean they all live in the same city as her but when she asks them to do something it takes forever. For example, she got a new desk that had to be assembled. She calls one of her sons to put the thing together. It takes him nearly three weeks to stop by and put it together. If my mom called me up and said, hey can you put this thing together for me, I would be there in at least an hour probably at most a day. Hell, when my husband comes down to visit her with me, he tries to fix as much as he can before he leaves.

So yeah, I need a drink. I need one badly.

Luckily, earlier today my amazing husband text me, “I wanna get stupid drunk on fruity drinks tonight.”

I love that man so much.

I went to the store and came up with this. It’s a twist to a normal rum punch. Personally, I blame Genghis Grill and their flaming arrow drink. It had mango and pineapple and orange and all these other yummy things in it. But what made it different was the use of their fireball whiskey.

Fireball Whiskey is a cinnamon whiskey created in Canada. The story goes that a mixologist turn mad scientist brewed this whiskey during one of the coldest winters as a way to effectively cure hypothermia.

Real men drink it straight up.

This drink is perfect for any party. Especially when the party is outdoors and it’s cold and you want a cold drink that warms your belly up at the same time.

Fire Breathing Rum Punch

5 oz peach nectar
5 oz mango nectar
5 oz pineapple juice
5 oz orange juice
6 oz Coconut Rum (I used Malibu)
3 oz Fireball Whiskey
2 oz Maraschino Cherry Juice


In a pitcher or carafe combine juices and alcohol.

Mix until well combined with a spoon.

Serve over ice.

Makes 6. Per drink. Calories: 154, Carbohydrates: 25 grams, Sugar: 20 grams.

You want fruity. Something where all you smell is fruit and not the alcohol. Where the fruitiness almost masks the booze until that fireball hits your stomach. This is by far the perfect drink for you.

So yummy.

Down your sadness in this punch. Your tastebuds will dance to island music on your tongue. La cucaracha, La cucaracha, donde puedes caminar….something something something. Where’s my maracas?!?!?!

But on a serious note. This is an amazing punch. You got the islands in the mango, the tropics with the pineapple. To round everything out, you add the peach. And a punch wouldn’t be a punch without cherry juice and orange juice. This is definetly not the punch you can order at the bar.

Then you have the coconut rum, which years and years ago I found out that it’s the coconut rum that makes it a rum punch. Adds that extra flavor. You can order a rum punch with white rum, but it just doesn’t taste the same. I became addicted to coconut rum punches back in 2006. My and my awesome friend Kimikins would sip on them as we played cutthroat with our best friend Q at the local pool hall. That’s what I think about every time I drink one.

The fireball whiskey creates a different layer or flavor that you really don’t taste until the end. Your endnote is a fireball. Pretty cool.



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