Root Beer Float

I always text Bryan before I got to the store. Its one of those, “Hey, I’m going to HEB, do you need anything?” Usually I already know what he needs but he has a tendency to go through phases with his snacks.

“Rumchata and Fireball Whiskey.”

That was his response. So now I have to go to Specs. Great.

After doing some research on Rumchata…its horachata and rum mixed together as a cream based liqueur, I decided we were going to make Root Beer Floats. Supposedly mixing this with root beer tastes like a root beer float. I like floats, Bryan loves root beer so its a win win.

Funny story – Bryan must have researched the recipes too because he’s all like surprise I got root beer and I’m like go to the fridge. That’s when you know you married the right person.


Root Beer Floats

8 oz A&W Root Beer
2 shots Rumchata


Pour ice into a tall glass.

Pour root beer over ice.

Pour Rumchata into glass.

Makes 1. Calories: 276, Carbohydrates: 46 grams, Sugar: 39 grams, Protein: 1 grams.

Oh my god. This tastes exactly like a root beer float.

This is also NOT DIABETIC FRIENDLY. There is no such thing as diabetic friendly mixed drinks so please keep that in mind. There is a reason why I started posting alcoholic drinks. It’s so that you know what exactly you are drinking when you pick out those fancy drinks.

Definitely my new favorite drink. And you don’t even realize you are, in fact, drunk until 4 drinks later when it hits you.

Thank you Spain for creating this amazingness.

Also please use only A&W root beer. All other root beers tend to cause separation.


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