Creamy broccoli

You can only eat steamed broccoli so many times before you get bored with it.

I like unconventional sides. I like sides that make you think. Sides that blow your mind as you stare at it saying to yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that!?!?!?”

As you know, I’m more of throw everything into a dish, wrap it up, add a bow, present it to Bryan and say, “Ta-da! Dinner!” I really need to work on my repertoire of sides. But I don’t want mind numbing boring sides. I want ooo can you make this tonight please kind of sides. The requested my mouth has been watering just thinking about it kind of sides.

That and well, I’m diabetic. I can’t just put butter over vegetables and call it a day. We, diabetics, have to get creative with sides.

This is creative. Mumika could hardly believe what this broccoli consisted of. All two ingredients of it.


Creamy Broccoli

A crown of broccoli
1/4 cup of hummus


Cut the broccoli into bite size trees. (Thats what they look like. Little edible yummy tasting trees)

Cook the broccoli however you want. Steam it. Microwave it, roast it.

Once broccoli is cooked, dump it in a medium sized bowl.

Pour the hummus on top of the broccoli and toss until broccoli is coated.

Makes 4. Calories: 69, Carbohydrates: 10 grams, Fiber: 6 grams, Protein: 6 grams.

Your mind is blown isn’t it?

When people think creamy they think of white sauce ladened in carbs. Diabetics can’t think that way. It leads to depression. We have to think outside of the box.

Its creamy. It has garlic in it. Its broccoli in a way you have never tasted it. Sure people dip raw broccoli into hummus, but why not use it on cooked broccoli. Genius!

And its so easy to make with only two ingredients! Love it!

Can’t get you kids to eat broccoli, try this. Doesn’t even taste like broccoli. It tastes like yummy edible garlicy creamy trees. Kids can’t say no to destroying things. Have you ever seen them play with legos and after hours upon hours of work destroy it all? Same concept with broccoli.

I love how it’s high in fiber. Need more fiber but don’t want to take supplements – eat this.

And there’s extra protein from the chickpeas! Genius!


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