French Bread Pizza

I’ve been staring at the pepperoni for weeks now trying to figure out what to make with it.

As I stare into my bare fridge, it occurs to me that Bryan and I are a major pasta household. I think we eat it about once every 6 days be it in Italian or some other form. There aren’t many staples in my house but garlic, pasta, parmesan, mozzerella, and fruit are main ones. Oh and usually a frozen pizza. Actually its two pizzas.

“Do we have pizza?” Bryan asked from the living room.
“No.” I reply amazed.

But what we do have is marinara sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, parmesan, and french bread. Go figure.

Let’s make a french bread pizza!


French Bread Pizza

Loaf of french bread, halved lengthwise
22 pepperoni slices
2 cup mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup marinara sauce
1/4 cup parmesan cheese


Place French bread halves on a pizza pan cut side up.

Spread marinara sauce on each half.

Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top of marinara sauce.

Place 11 pepperoni slices on each half.

Cover each half with mozzarella cheese.

Bake at 350 for about 12 minutes.

Makes 20 slices. PER SLICE. Calories: 126, Carbohydrate: 18 grams, Fiber: 1 gram, Protein: 7 grams.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think this pizza was going to come out so amazing. The bread is a little much though. So if you want to cut calories and carbs, you can scoop some of the middle part out.

This would be great for game day. Or a big bite appetizer. The use of parmesan over the marinara sauce is what takes it to the next level.

It’s also a great quick lunch in a pinch.


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