Milk Tea

Milk tea. I love milk tea. It’s the only way to eat boba.

I’ve been drinking milk tea since I was 13. It’s an acquired taste and I know it. What’s weird is that if my hot tea that I add milk and sugar to goes cold, I can’t drink it. Yet iced sweet tea with milk poured in it is totally amazing.

When the place I normally go to was deciding on whether to change their milk tea recipe or not, they had me blind taste both. Why? Because I was there every week(sometimes more depending on how bad the day was) ordering the same thing every single time. They were thinking of using powdered creamer, and I hate powdered creamer.

To this day, they still use real milk for their milk tea. I like to think it’s thanks to me.

Milk Tea

8 oz sweet black tea
4 oz milk
1/4 cup ice


Pour sweet tea in a large glass.

Add milk and stir. Top with ice.

Makes 1. Calories: 61, Carbohydrates: 11 grams, Sugar: 12 grams, Protein: 4 grams.

This is absolutely amazing. I think the key is black tea. Not black and orange pekoe tea. Just straight up black tea. As for the milk, I usually do skim.


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