4th of July Menu

Happy Father’s Day!!!!

As we celebrate dads everywhere, alive and dead, fathers of furbabies and angels, I am reminded how close Independence Day is.

4th of July is about two maybe three weeks. Last year I made an apple brown betty for the family which only Bryan and I ate. We did have fireworks and amazing friends over though.

Bryan’s family really doesn’t do much for the 4th. I find it odd considering my father inlaw used to be in the army.

We also weren’t fully in the house as we are now.

So in a way, this is our first real 4th in the house. And if it rains, at least we have covered areas to grill under.

Because it will only be me and Bryan this year, I decided to do a simple menu that’s more than hot dogs and burgers yet very Americana.

The 4th Menu

Grilled bacon avocado and cheese brisket burgers
Potato salad
Cherry Tartlets
Adult Lemonade

Bryan has requested peach cobbler so I’m going to try to make his grandmother’s recipe.

This is going to be fun.

Hopefully we will get some fireworks also!


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