Not All Food is Scrumptiously Yummy

A few weeks ago, I excitedly decided to try a recipe. Chewy oatmeal coconut cookies.

It was a healthy version because instead of butter, coconut oil was used. I’ve never baked with coconut oil so I thought sure, why not.

So, I made them.

OMG. They came out terrible. Absolutely terrible. Sure they were chewy, but it tasted like cardboard. What the hell! There’s a reason why you use butter and not coconut oil. Why would you ever substitute coconut oil for butter in cookies! Cookies! I’ve never been so frustrated. I mean, sure, coconut oil is healthy but it doesn’t mean you should bake with it. What’s wrong with butter? Butter is perfect. Butter binds everything together and creates a perfect caramelization of the sugar as it bakes. I don’t even use oil in baking recipes when it’s in the recipe. I always use butter. Always. I feel like a health food freak was like, I don’t feel like using canola oil or applesauce, let’s try coconut oil. Yeah, that would work. And then it comes out tasting like cardboard and they are like, “Oh, this is the most amazing cookie ever!” But it’s a lie cuz the are in denial and don’t want to admit they were wrong.

And then I tried another recipe two days later. The bacon cheeseburger bombs where you make a bun out of biscuits and fill it with cheese and hamburger meat and what have you. I thought those would come out phenomenal. But they didn’t. I couldn’t get through the first bite. So disgusting.

My point?

Just because you think a recipe is amazing, it won’t blow the brains out of everyone. And just because you find a recipe and get excited over the thought of it and can’t wait to try it, it can disappoint you. And you’ll get extremely frustrated and look up to the ceiling and scream “WHY?!?!?” Not everyone have the same feelings of what tastes good as you do.

So, not all food is scrumptiously yummy. And you’ll never see it coming. Just because it looks yummy, the ingredients are appetizing, and you can see it all mixing and coming together amazingly, doesn’t mean it will taste the way you imagined it. It’s sad but true.

This public announcement is brought to you by a diabetic girl that hates it when food doesn’t come out right.


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