Perfect Corn on the Cob

You already know I love corn. Love it, love it, love it. I could eat it every single day if I could get away with it.

When they put braces on me, I nearly cried when I realized I couldn’t eat corn on the cob for roughly 4 years. Well, I could, it just would not be pretty. And I didn’t feel like taking a whole day trying to water pick the corn out of my teeth. I felt the same way about kissing. Especially if the other person had braces. Oh hell no! I’m not going to end up in the ER because me and boyfriend’s got caught on each other’s braces. I’ve heard horror stories about that shit. Needless to say I was a late bloomer in the romance department.

I also had to wait 4 bloody years to eat corn the way God made it to be eaten. Corn and gummy bears.

Yeah, I was a diabetic waiting to happen.

When I went to cook the corn, Bryan was around.

“What are you doing?” He asks.
“Shucking the corn so that I can boil it,” I replied.
“You’re nut supposed to do that, it dried out the corn.”

I was confused. Like really confused. This is the way I was taught. How else are you supposed to boil it?

“How much salt did you put in it?” He asks.
“Um…none.” I reply.

You see where this is going, don’t you.

So um, yeah, turns out country people don’t boil corn that way. They boil the corn in the husk in sea salt water. This is new to me.

I know what you’re thinking, “What’s the difference?”

It’s corn like you have never tasted in your life. It’s sweet. It’s salty. There’s no need for butter because it’s cooked perfectly in the salt water. OMG. How have I not know about this?!?!?!

And that’s how you make the perfect corn on the cob.

I used about a tablespoon per ear and boiled it for 20 minutes before I turned the heat off and let it steam the rest of the time.

Absolutely crazy.


A little diabetic tip – 1/2 an ear of corn is one serving. So if you eat a whole ear of corn, you are in reality digesting 2 servings of corn. It’s like how 1/2 a banana is actually 1 serving of a banana but no one just eats half a banana. What do you do with the other half, give to someone? throw it away? put it in a smoothie? Seriously!


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