Mozzarella Salad

I was first introduced to this at TGIFriday. I had never been inside of one until 2009 because it was the only place open close to Bryan’s and my work when he got out at 1030PM. So on the days where my last session ended at 10PM and I didn’t feel like cooking, we would go to TGIFridays. Or as Bryan likes to call it tiggyfridays.

I usually get the bruschetta chicken pasta and Bryan gets the parmesan crusted chicken with this awesome mozzarella salad. Even though I get the same thing every time, I would get jealous over this mozzarella salad. And then I fell in love with the sizzin’ Steak and Spinach.

What is it paired with – the mozzarella salad.

Hells to the yeah!

When I was over at Mumika’s I was supposed to make a BLT Club sandwich of sorts and I thought this would pair perfectly with it. But, as always, life likes to go a different path no matter how well you plan things, and this lunch was never created.

A few weeks later, I paired it with an entrée.

Mozzarella Salad

15 grape tomatoes, halved
10 mozzarella ciliegine, halved
1/4 red onion, sliced
2 tablespoons mozzarella water
2 teaspoons, Italian seasonings
1 tablespoon red wine vinegar


In a medium bowl, mix all ingredients together.

Makes 4.

When I first made it Bryan told it me it was good but there was something missing. Then he realized it needed some acidity to bring out the tomatoes, the crunchiness of the red onions, and the blandness of the mozzarella.

“Do we have basalmic vinegar?”
“Red wine vinegarette?”
“Yes, but it’s not open.”
“Do you think red wine vinegar would work?” I asked.
His face brightened up, “Yes. Yes it would.”

I really love having someone to bounce ideas off of that is as big of a foodie as I am.

I went back, added the red wine vinegar and it made a world of a difference.

This salad would be great as a little appetizer where you have toothpicks and put half the ball, a slice of onion, and half a grape tomato on it. The vinegary water would serve as a marinade before you put everything on the toothpick. It would also make a great side for brunch or a lunch involving a grilled sandwich of sorts.

The perfect bite:


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