Yellow Squash Saute

My mother in law makes this amazing yellow squash casserole. Originally that was my plan – a squash casserole. I had an onion, I had bacon. I was set.

And then I ate lunch at this local Chinese place.

Broccoli and beef with wonton soup and rice does not come up that well. What made it worse was I was at HEB when this went down and it took my 20 minutes and a lot of sweat to get over the disagreement. By the time I cleaned myself up, a squash casserole was furthest from my mind.

I decided a sauté would be just as good.


Squash Sauté

3 yellow squash, halved and sliced
1/2 onion, sliced
2 strips of bacon


Fry bacon until crispy. Remove from pan and set aside.

In bacon drippings saute the onions and squash until tender.

Crumble bacon and return to pan.

Mix until well combined.

Makes 6.

Supposedly this sauté can be considered southern comfort food. However, anything with bacon can be considered comfort food.

Its yummy. I guess I’m slowly learning about Bryan’s home cooking upbringing. Too bad he doesn’t like squash that much. Although, he does eat his Mom’s casserole. Maybe that’s the key: hide it in panko, cheese, and white sauce goodness….

Hmmmm…..maybe next time.


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