Breakfast for dinner

I’ll be honest, I was lazy today.

I didn’t feel like bending over washing dishes in the birdbath today. Especially when one of those dishes is a frying pan and a stock pot. I’m not always this way, but some weekends, I just can bring myself to do it. Well, that and I’ve pretty much dirtied every pot, pan and baking dish I own. The lack of kitchen sink doesn’t help nor does the idea of hauling all those dirty dishes to the inlaws to clean. And then you have the fact that the hubby doesn’t help with anything kitchen related. Add it all together and it’s literally a formula for frustration and in some cases lividness.

Bryan really doesn’t help me with anything in the house. He doesn’t throw the trash away. He doesn’t put a new bad in the bin. He doesn’t clean. He doesn’t cook. He doesn’t go grocery shopping. He doesn’t wash dishes. He doesn’t prep for dinner. He doesn’t even get himself a plate of food and once in a rare blue moon he’ll get his own drink.

As school approaches, I already know there will be lots of fighting. A) The house isn’t even close to being done, B) I won’t have time to do everything, C) I don’t have a kitchen sink, D) I don’t have cabinets or cabinet tops….etc….

I would love to think he will step up, but he won’t. I mean he doesn’t help me now and I don’t know if it’s because for some odd reason he feels he doesn’t need to because I hardly work. His dad works while his mom is a stay at home wife. The only problem with this upbringing is, I’m not a stay at home wife. The spa I work at just opened like 3 weeks ago so there isn’t a constant clientele yet. What will happen when I work, do 12 hour coursework and have an internship?

So today, in my laziness, I only wanted to dirty one dish.

Breakfast for dinner it is.

I don’t know why we, as humans, don’t eat like this in the evening hours. I understand morning hours, the two protein one carb approach works to give you the fuel needed to get through your day. However people are eating oatmeal with fruit and calling it a meal. So why can’t we do two power meals. One to get us through the day and the other to get us past our snack cravings in the evening? Think about it. I would stop compulsive eating, or even over eating. It would reduce that 8PM hunger everyone gets. Obesity could go down because of it.

Oh wait. I know why. Two protein breakfast meals is usually a fried egg with a fatty meat and toast. It’s the fatty meat that will cause our arteries to collapse resulting in heart failure. But honestly, how is that different from what we are doing to our bodies now?

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

And don’t even talk to me about eating the right kind of snacks because no one in the world is going to pick an apple over cake, brownies, pie, or ice cream. Hell people will make a peach crumb bar and claim it’s a healthy snack.

I had a very country breakfast today.

Two strips of bacon
1 slice of butter grilled toast
1 fried egg

Besides, when most people do breakfast for dinner it’s usually a pork chop with eggs and hash browns. Or pancakes, or waffles. I think people are naturally carb loving and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Hence why there aren’t two power meals during the day.


1 thought on “Breakfast for dinner

  1. In England, our family had a hearty breakfast and a heavy lunch with light dinner and snack around 8pm with some tea…and afternoon tea with snacks and midmorning tea….


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