Maui Dirty Shirley

I can’t remember when, but my friend Kimikins introduced me to the Dirty Shirley. I was in one of my usual “I have no clue what I want to drink but it needs to taste amazing” mood. A Dirty Shirley is essentially a vodka, lemon-lime soda, and some grenadine. It’s different, it’s refreshing, and it’s garnished with a cherry. If you drink too much and end up throwing up, lemon-lime soda is what you want to be throwing up. Tastes just as refreshing going down as it does coming up. So for those crazy let’s get totally blitzed out of our skull nights, a Dirty Shirley comes in handy.

Flash forward a couple of years.

I’m on my honeymoon/I finally have a master’s degree yay trip when Bryan and I stumble across a karaoke bar. Bryan always has a whiskey and coke but when the bartender asked me what I want, I replied “Surprise me.” Skyy Vodka had just debuted their pineapple infused vodka so she made me essentially a Maui Dirty Shirley. The hilarity of this is my mother inlaw’s name happens to be Shirley and when I’m in a playful mood I tend to order them.

“Hey! That’s my mom you’re talking about!” is usually Bryan’s joke whenever I order them.

This version is a twist on the version I had in Maui. Instead of using grenadine, I cut out the middle man and get cherry 7UP.


Maui Dirty Shirley

2 oz Pineapple Vodka
10 oz Cherry 7UP

Garnish with a cherry and a pineapple chunk.


Fill a pint glass with ice.

Pour the vodka into the glass and then the cherry 7UP. Stir.

Add garnish.

Makes 1.

This is no where near diabetic friendly. Just like mixed juice drinks, mix drinks using soda is just as bad. The calories aren’t too high, but the sugar count is insane. Imagine drinking 5 of those throughout one night.

This is why I stay away from fruity drinks and mixed soda drinks. Sometimes your best bet is light beer or wine. But if you are going to delve into the mixed drink realm of drinking make sure it’s a clear alcohol and a clear soda.

If you want something with flavor because a vodka and tonic sucks, this is where a Maui Dirty Shirley comes to save the day. Just stay away from the whiskey and cokes or the Cuba Libres.


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