Today is my birthday. My husband decided to start the birthday celebration early by taking me to a full nudity gentleman’s club. We have tittie bar that we normally go to, but Bryan’s boss wanted to try something different. The end result was a horrible yet hilarious night where Bryan’s bosses wife got licked by not one but two strippers. One of which was coked out of her mind and smells of feces. But despite the comical circumstances – there were only four girls, one stage, and 3 filler songs between dances, we still had fun.

When I woke up I decided my whole day would be filled with mimosas.

And it was amazing.

Nothing screams Happy Birthday like mimosas and fajitas and cuddling half the day with your wolf and husky.



1 oz of orange juice, pulp free
5 oz champagne


In a champagne flute, pour orange juice.

Top with champagne.

Makes 1.

I heart mimosas. I’ve been making them since college. They are the prefect societally acceptable drink at 9AM. And are perfect for a romantic breakfast.

I love how the champagne bubbles tingle my tongue as the taste of orange sweep over my taste buds. Whoever created this was a genius.

I really don’t need an occasion to make this. And the great part is you cant fuck it up. I’ve used Andres champagne which is as cheap as it gets and it came out perfect. You might want to use a little more orange juice if you do decide to use Andres to smooth it out. A more Brut champagne works best, so keep that in mind. I usually use Ballatore. It’s not as cheap as Andres, but not overly expensive. But if it makes you feel better, some of the most priciest wedding venues use Andres and no one can tell the difference.

Also, make sure it is pulp free. The last thing you want is pulp at the bottom of your glass. And it make clean up a cinch.



2 thoughts on “Mimosas

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