Mumika is coming! & an anniversary! & new hair!

My life has been taken over by graduate school. My life is study, study, write notes, write a paper, write a discussion board post, reply to a discussion post, go to class, do assignments and then cook, attempt to clean, and go to work…sometimes.

Despite me telling Mumika that she would be more welcomed in mid – october because my course load goes from three classes down to two, she decided she was going to come visit. Her reasoning – I have winter clothes for you. Who am I to say no to free clothes?

Saturday is my “anniversary” so of course I have to make something special. And I’m marking this new year of marriage by doing something drastically different with my hair. Mumika has perfect timing in coming up because she likes to do photo shoots whenever I do something new AND I am hoping to get puppy and mommy pictures. I have been photographed with the puppies since last thanksgiving. Maybe I can convince Bryan to do a one picture family pic of us with Shadow and Akira.

SO it’s a big weekend in which I have to make time for even though me and time are in a furious debate of what courses of actions are the most proficient use of said time. AKA – I don’t have time for this but I’m being good and makin time even though I am still writing notes from last weeks Ethics readings. It’s a 50 paged chapter and the chapter I just read for the same class is also 50 pages. I’m up to my eye balls in reading. And I still have a paper, an interview, a powerpoint presentation, and a discussion and reply post to do this week.

But I figured out the menu for this Friday and Saturday and that’s all that matters.

Anniversary weekend menu:

Friday dinner – Greek burgers with Tzatiki sauce and sweet potato fries
Saturday dinner – Chicken Piccata
Saturday dessert – apple dumplings

I know it’s not much. But it’s a lot for me right now. That and Mumika is leaving Sunday morning so I don’t have to cook as much.


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