Jalepeno Poppers

During the making of this snack, I managed to get jalapeno juice in my eye and I nearly died from the intense burning sensation. One whole side of my face was radiating in hottest fiery pain. I should have known better, my best friend Kelly warned me about such a thing happening when she accidentally did the same thing in 2010. If was one of those hilarious moments that she decided to tell me after I got out of the hospital leaving me laughing and gasping for air.

Moral of the story: Don’t get jalapeno juice in your eye.

I hate jalapenos. Then I went to HEB and tried half of one. Not bad, I thought. I considered buying a package of them until I realized I could make them myself.

The next day, while rummaging through the fridge, I found cream cheese. 4 ounces. Well hot damn, I have to make them now.

You have a choice of whether to bake or grill. I choose to bake.


Jalapeno Poppers

6 jalapenos, deseeded and halved lengthwise
4 ounces cream cheese, softened
2 tablespoons green onion, chopped
6 slices bacon, cut in half


Mix cream cheese with green onions in a small bowl.

Spoon cream cheese mixture into cavity of the jalapenos.

Wrap each jalapeno with half a slice of bacon.

Place on parchment paper on top of a cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 for 25 minutes.

Makes 12. Per jalapeno.

When I gave these to Bryan, he looked at me and said “Wow, this is a strip of chicken away from white wings.”

“White wings is a jalapeno popper with a strip of chicken on top that is then wrapped with bacon?” I asked.


“Hmmm….maybe next time.”

He then proceeded to eat 10 of them.

Originally he was all, green onion, getting all fancy, but the green onion compliments the coolness of the cream cheese, the heat of the jalapeno, and the crispiness of the bacon.

You could hold everything together with a toothpick, but I wrapped the bacon around the jalapeno half tight enough that it wouldn’t unravel. Also, try to find the plumpest jalapeno to even out the cream cheese to jalapeno ratio.

Look at me, making Texan cuisine.



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