Roasted Red Peppers

A long time ago, OK more like during the summer, as I was waiting for my new job to start, I watched a lot of food talk shows.

As I was watching Rachel Ray, which is quite rare, she was demonstrating how to make roasted red peppers. While she was peeling the charred skin of the red pepper, I put the whole process in my head and filed it for a rainy day.

And that rainy day happened today. I needed roasted red peppers for my dish today and could not find the jars of the stuff anywhere. If I was in Houston at HEB or Krogers, it would be a simple dash in and out. However, I haven’t fully explored the big HEB or memorized where anything is yet so I was at a loss. Luckily, the red peppers were on sale and I remembered I didn’t need the premade drowned in oil caloric mess. I could make it at home.

Hells yeah!


Roasted Red Peppers

1 red pepper
A gas stove


Cut the top off and remove the seeds.

Turn burner on at medium heat.

Put red pepper on burner.

Set fire to it for 5 minutes on one side until all black, charred, and cancerous before flipping to the other side.

Once the red pepper is a hot blacken mess, remove from heat.

Peel charred skin off.

Chop, dice, make strips out of it.

Makes 1 pepper.

I love doing this.

It taste so like fire roasted awesomeness. Its amazing how the flavor profile changes.

Not only is this great for sandwiches, Puerto Rican food, and other delicacies, but to also to snack on.


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