Kimmikins And Jimmy are coming to visit!!!

A few weeks ago my awesome friend that has been part of my life since sophomore year of high school called stating she wanted to visit this coming weekend. Of course, Bryan and I said yes. Out of all my friends, Kim has been the only one that has visited my house since we moved to Central Texas. She was also the only person that visited me in Boston during undergrad. A few weeks after my first hospitalization, she spent her birthday with me just to make sure I was okay. She’s one of those kindred spirits that if you run across one and they want to be your friend, you can consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the world. And her fiancée is awesome to and get’s along with Bryan so well, which is always an added bonus. You rarely find friends who are part of a  couple that gets along with you and your significant other.

And it gives me something to look forward to and inspiration to clean my house. Which so far still looks like a hurricane went through it, but that’s only because I’ve been boggled down with insane amounts of reading and 2 assignments due in each class this week. Grad school feels chaotic half the time and I am definitely not a fan of the 8 week mini semesters. They are stupid and I want to stab the person that thought they were an idea and convinced colleges across the nation to implement the idea.

I have been struggling with the menu a little. Kim is lactose intolerant, so cheese is a no do along with dairy. As a person that has special dietary needs, I tend to go a little crazy over menus when I know there’s someone coming over that can’t eat certain things. I was very adamant about this at my wedding and made sure everyone had something they could eat. Last thing you want is someone going hungry at a wedding, party, gathering, get together, or what have you.

I want to do lemon drop martinis or pineapple margaritas, as part of the drinking, but the citrus vodka Bryan bought is horrendous. Which means I need normal vodka. And tequila, and maybe triple sec.

So on to the menu

Dinner –
Stuffing stuffed pork chops with roasted asparagus, potatoes, onions, and bacon.
Dessert – a strawberry chocolate dump cake
After dinner drinks – Pineapple margaritas or Lemon Drop Martinis

Breakfast –
Pancakes of some sort. I originally want to do German chocolate pancakes but I seem to remember that Kim isn’t too fond of pineapple. I could do an apple praline pancake, or a chocolate chocolate chip pancake. Hmmmm…..

And that’s as far as I have gotten because I have no clue how long they are staying on Sunday.

What I do know is that it will be all kinds of fun as usual. And they are bringing their rescue with them for a puppy play date. Kim and I have been discussing puppy play dates for the past 3 years, way before I got my puppies. Kim and Jimmy adopted a cute rescue a few months ago. Yay for dreams becoming a reality. I just hope they all get along.





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