The holidays are upon us – The Christmas Eve Menu

Holiday season officially started two days ago. I am not ready. I am sooo not ready. I just need to get through these two classes and find an internship before I even remote begin thinking about Thanksgiving or Christmas.

At least Bryan already has a Christmas gift in mind for me. And I sort of have a Christmas gift or two in mind for him. As for the rest of the family, depending on when the in laws do their family Christmas will determine if I make a family Christmas present or not. If it falls around December 15th, I literally will not have time for life. Two 15 paged papers, a presentation, and two finals will consume me. And that’s not even taking into consideration everything I have to do to get ready for the conference in February. Which means, no presents. I really wouldn’t call it a present, it’s more of a snack for the ride home. Last year I made those cute little hot chocolate ornaments that despite being impossibly easy to make, took too much time. And I wasn’t even in GRADUATE SCHOOL last year.

But in all honesty, figuring out Christmas presents is not my favorite part of the holidays, it’s coming up with a menu. Ironically I haven’t figured out Thanksgiving which is less than roughly 3 weeks away. I did, however, come up with the Christmas Eve menu.

And it’s Puerto Rican to the core.

Bryan didn’t like the pasteles last year, so I’m going to make something different this year.

The Christmas Eve Menu

Arroz con gandules
Arroz con dulce

Yep, that sounds perfect. I can smell the awesomeness already. One menu down, two to go. And Bryan might fight me on the Thanksgiving and Christmas menu all he wants, he’s still doing what I tell him to do. This is going to be our first holiday season where we don’t go to someone’s house. And I want to start traditions, like deep fried turkey on Thanksgiving, Puerto Rican Christmas food on Christmas Eve, and a brisket on Christmas or something.

Besides, after nearly being hospitalized last year for extremely high bloody sugar (It took a day for it to go under 750 – my first hospitalization I capped out at 750 before I DKAed), I just don’t trust anyone anymore. In reality, the person with my best interest at heart when it comes to food is me. And if I cook all the food, I know what’s in it. This way I won’t eat something that potentially has a sweetener without knowing it and I don’t have ask what is in the apple cobbler. I really hate doing that. Looking at the spread and having to ask the person that cooked everything exactly what is in it. I feel like I’m interrogating people.

“What’s in the apple cobbler?”
“Apples, cobbler mix, milk…”
“How much sugar did you put in it?”
“I didn’t.”
“There’s no sugar in this?”
“Not added sugar.”
“Ok, is there any sweeteners in it?”
“Why didn’t you tell me that in the first place?”
“Because it’s not sugar.”
“Well, you’re diabetic and sweeteners are better for you.”
“Really, are you sure, did you do all the research needed on diabetics and sweeteners, where did you get your source?”
“If you knew anything about sweeteners and sugar, you would know sweeteners are just as bad if not worse for certain diabetic. I mean, seriously, have you ever seen me with any sort of diet beverage?”
“No, you haven’t. Why? Because my kidneys can’t filter that shit. Are you trying to kill me?!?!?!?!”

I think I’ve actually had something remotely like this conversation I just made up with someone.

See what I mean though. It’s just frustrating and in the end I feel like a douche who just schooled someone on something that doesn’t even relate to them. And of course they don’t care because it doesn’t correspond to their personal lifestyle. And if I choose not to ask questions and just eat it and then get sick it becomes my fault because I know better than to eat it.

“Michelle got really sick last night, we think it might be something she ate here.”
“That’s not my fault. She’s an adult, she didn’t have to eat that apple cobbler. Besides, she’s diabetic, she should know better.”

I think this conversation is why I’m a food Nazi and ask what exactly is in things. So that I don’t get blamed for the eating the food put in front of me when I’m eating at someone’s house. After all, it’s merely human nature blame other people for anything and everything.


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