Hot Tea with milk and sugar

My dad taught me how to drink tea. I drink it the same way he does to this day. With some milk and usually two teaspoons of sugar. Don’t try putting only one teaspoon and a teaspoon and a half in there, I know the difference.

Since I was 9, the English people in my life have been trying to get me to reduce the amount of sugar and completely omit the milk. My aunt once told me I would surely get diabetes from it. I can’t help but laugh at the irony. She also said that the only reason why I was so stubborn with it was because I was trying to be like my dad. So what if I was trying to be like him, the man was amazing (and I’m not saying that because he was my dad). My aunt liked to make my tea for me whenever we were visiting the family in England, and she always would adjust my tea to what she thought was best for me. I would take a sip and then add a teaspoon and a spot more of milk to get the right consistency.

At the age of 9, I was already set in my ways.

Although I love coffee, tea is actually my happy place. The stronger the tea the better. Which worked out perfectly for Mumika because she likes hers rather weak. So she would pour the first cup for her and let it brew a little longer for me. I’m also extremely particular about my tea. I love the red indian tea Typhoo makes. It takes me back to before my dad died and when times were simpler.

The great thing about tea is that it keeps me warm all day if I drink it in the morning on a cold day. I found this out the last time we went to London. It was roughly 50 in May/June, and Mumika and I had this little place down the street from the hotel where we would get breakfast. We never ate in the hotel because the breakfast wasn’t free and I’m not paying for a continental breakfast.

I was always freezing cold on the way to the little café, and after a pot of tea, out we went and I noticed I felt warmer. The cold was not blaring in my face and did not do so for the rest of the day. Also helped that I would drink about 2 more pots of tea throughout the day. I think I drink about 9 cups of tea a day when I’m in London. It seems like a lot, but it really isn’t. At least not when you look at the English culture in respect to tea.

hot tea

Hot Tea with milk and sugar

A tea bag of Typhoo tea (or Early Grey)
10 ounces of water
2 ounces of milk
2 teaspoons of sugar


There’s two ways of making tea – in the microwave or in a kettle.

Microwave: Place tea bag into mug, pour hot water over it, and place in microwave.

Type in 90 seconds and press start.

Take mug out and swirl tea with spoon.

Take tea bag out, pour milk and sugar into cup and stir until well combined.

Kettle: Warm water up. Put tea bag in tea kettle.

In a tea cup or mug, pour in milk and sugar. Stir until well combined.

Once kettle has warmed the water up, pour into second kettle with the tea bag.

Let brew for about 3 minutes.

Pour tea into tea cup and stir the tea with a spoon until it is well combined with the milk and sugar.

Makes 1.

This is home.


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