The Diabetic Kitchen turns 1 and the Thanksgiving menu

The Diabetic kitchen turns 1 today. Lots of yummy food has been made and posted and some not so yummy food has been deemed unfit for consumption and trashed. Not much, but there has been some epically frustrating fails in my kitchen.

We’ve come a long way, starting in my mother in laws kitchen, learning how to use a crockpot, and finally making a makeshift kitchen during the remodel.

After figuring out the Christmas Eve menu, I naturally started working on the Thanksgiving menu since Thanksgiving will be here before I know it. I’m not making the same sides as last year. I figured I would make something new every year until Bryan starts requesting certain dishes. It will only be the two of us, which is fine. Bryan decided we wouldn’t be going to people’s houses this year and I don’t blame him. Honestly, sometimes I feel like my food comes out better than other people’s food. Hell, sometimes my food comes out better than restaurant food. But that’s besides the point.

Besides, we’ve done his parent’s house about three times now. He got frustrated with me the first time because I didn’t make anything to bring. The second year I was pregnant. The third (and last) year put a bad taste in my mouth. I made homemade key lime pie, everyone knew it, and his sister ended up making an apple cobbler. It wasn’t that I felt one upped, it was one of those, well if you told me your dad’s favorite dessert was apple cobbler, I would have made that instead. And she used a muffin pouch mix to make it and I don’t know why, but it irked me. Here I am hand squeezing key limes, while you just add water and apples and presto change you’re done. Didn’t help that his other sister was doing thanksgiving at her house this year and was trying to compare key lime pie recipes. Mine had four ingredients while hers had five. And no one believed me that my key lime pie was better than any restaurants key lime pie. I think it was the “yeah, right” attitude that frustrated me the most. This is what happens when an only child from a single widow household marries into a multiple sibling two parent household. There’s lots of things that bothers me because I don’t understand them and at the same time I could do without it.

Thanksgiving Menu

Deep fried turkey (Bryan’s responsibility)
Green bean casserole
Asparagus tart
Sweet potato mash
Cilantro Parmesan Corn

Pecan pie bark

Citrus Cider Spiked Punch


Sounds yummy, doesn’t it?

Now off to planning exactly how I’m going to do all of this. I’ll probably make the casserole and the mash the day before and finish baking it the day off. The pecan pie bark can be made the night before. The stuffing can be made the day of as well as the asparagus tart can be made that day. And the punch can be whipped up in a jiffy. The holidays is all about timing.




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