Sweet Potato Mashed Potatoes using Almond Milk

My sister in law is breastfeeding her son who happens to have a dairy and egg allergy. So after talking to her about what non-dairy products she knows she can get away with, I decided almond milk was the best way to go to substitute milk. I still used butter because honestly, there is no substitute for butter.

Because the family decided to do Thanksgiving on Saturday, I used today to start making my sides – the corn, the potatoes, and the green bean casserole. And I also made the pecan pie bark

It took me three hours to make everything….for 15 people.

As I was working on the sweet potato, a recipe I had used before because Bryan went through a stupid lets be healthy with our milk phase and hated everything, my mother in law tells me how my sister in law told her that she hoped I didn’t use sugar in my sweet potatoes.

You have to be bloody kidding me. You are scared that I am going to used sugar in my sweet potato mash?!?!?!? Do you not know who you are talking about?!?!?!? What do I have? I have diabetes! DIABETES!!!!!!! Do you know what that means? It means why the fuck am I going to add bloody extra sugar in a meal when if I do that I can’t fucking eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What. THE. FUCK!

I get it, I don’t see you that much, you don’t see me that much. Here I am cooking these amazing sides, replacing milk with a non dairy substitute to make sure you can eat within your dietary restrictions. Why would you even care about my dietary restrictions when you don’t have one person to worry about, but two people. You and your son. So of course when you think only about yourself and your needs, you fail to realize who is cooking this meal and why this meal is going to have everything made from scratch.

Why is it made from scratch, because your SISTER IN LAW HAS FUCKING TYPE 1 DIABETES that’s why. And because my life is nothing but a dietary restriction, I’m going to make bloody sure I can eat my awesomeness.

I ended up making a joke that I would add honey roasted pecans on top. When Bryan saw it, he’s all, “What no marshmallows?” And even though I glared because he knew better, I also smiled because I knew it was a joke. He also didn’t know the comment his sister had said to his mother. Then when my joke was brought to light by his mother, Bryan even looked at his sister weird and questioned her remark.

So what you need to know is that I used almond milk. Also, I’m posting the original not for 15 people recipe. If you triple it, there will probably be more than enough because not everyone will eat it. Unless you come from a sweet potato loving family.


Sweet Potato Mashed Potatoes using Almond Milk

2 pounds, peeled and cut into huge chunks
1/2 cup almond milk
2 tablespoons butter
1/2 teaspoon salt


Boil water seasoned with salt.

Place sweet potatoes in boiled water and cook into fork tender.

Drain in a colander and return to pot.

Mash sweet potatoes until they are mashed where you want them to be. I like a little bit of lumps, but that’s just me.

Add milk, salt, and butter.

Stir or mash until well combined and butter has melted.

Transfer to glass dish and bake at 350 for 15 minutes.

Makes 6.

I really love this healthy recipe. The sweet potato mash comes out so well that no one notices the almond milk at all. They just assume you used regular milk or cream or something. No extra sugar, no brown sugar, or marshmallows or whatever. Just plain simple ingredients making yummy food.

So if you want a more healthy version, use this. It doesn’t get any healthier than this recipe. And everyone will love it. The almond milk really brings out the sweet potato.

(Edit: One of my brother in laws was amazed over the incorporation of the almond milk)




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