Sparkling Cider Punch

I was originally supposed to make this for the family, but my migraine took over and 16 people in one not so big house leads to feeling suffocated. Especially when you have to make sure you look down a the kitchen floor for toys just itching to trip you or make you fall.

Half of us ended up eating standing up in the kitchen, getting into people’s way. Then Bryan was like, “Come sit with me in the living room.”

I really wish it hadn’t rained all day and it was bright and sunny. We could have eaten outside and had a buffet table and it would have been cute.

So I made this drink, albeit a half recipe, the next day. Man, I wish I had made this for the family. We ended up drinking either, water, milk, sweet tea, or Kool-Aid.

Want to knock the socks off your little ones and literally taste fall? Make this.


Sparkling Cider Punch

5 cups apple cider
3 cups orange juice
2 cups ginger ale


In a large pitcher or beverage server thing, pour in a bunch of ice.

Add cider, orange juice, and ginger ale.


Keep chilled.

Makes 10.

OMG. This tastes like fall. I love how the bubbles of the ginger ale tickles your taste buds as the ginger itself cuts through the acidity of the orange juice leaving a crisp playful flavor.

This is that punchy like drink you serve throughout the fall months – from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Maybe Christmas, but I always felt those needed to be more cranberry related.

Maybe add some bourbon if the festivities is more adultish in nature. Either way, it’s great for everyone and brings a whole new dimension of the holidays to the table.

Absolutely loved it.

Only problem is there’s a high sugar count, and you can’t water it down. Your blood sugar will spike due to the orange juice alone. So DIABETICS, half a cup and your done. Or go low and drink as much as you want.



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