Marshmallow Vodka

The big holiday is coming up.

I never know what to get my coworkers for Christmas. And I don’t feel like going out and buying a million different versions and colors of the same thing.

Mumika usually gives out coquito every year to coworkers. And I was going to do that, but then I realized some of my coworkers don’t drink, could have an allergy, and well, some I hardly ever see.

So asked two of the awesome ladies I work with if they wanted flavored vodka for Christmas and both ended up wanting Marshmallow Vodka.

Sounds easy. Might as well try it.

Originally I only put in three huge marshmallows and immediately knew I did it wrong. So here is the updated version.

But before you look, here’s a few things to know:

Marshmallows fully disintegrate in about 5 days.
As they break apart, you will notice the amount of fluid decreases.
You can either add more marshmallows or vodka when that happens.
It’s always good to shake the bottle once a day to make sure the vodka completely covers the marshmallow.
Use good vodka, not that handle for $9.99.

Looking at the picture it is obvious that there are still marshmallows in it. I wanted to give my coworkers a full bottle, so I crammed another marshmallow in it.

Marshmallow Vodka

Good vodka
A bottle ( I used a 12 ounce Gatorade bottle that I had washed and rinsed out)
A bag of normal sized marshmallow


Cram as many marshmallows into the bottle as possible.

Fill bottle up with vodka.

As time goes by, either add more vodka or marshmallow if the liquid amount decreases.

Store in a dark area during the disintegration process.

Makes 12 one ounce shot.

The great thing about this is that you can actually control how marshmallow-y you want the vodka.

And it’s a great Christmas gift for anyone who likes flavored vodka.


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