Gift Wrapped Holiday Cans

I really hate getting cookies and in the transport, they get all broken up.

Bags are soo overrated. And ruins all the hard work you did making these amazing cookies.

Bags are also overrated when it comes to gifting snack mixed. Sure its easy, dump and close with ribbon,  but presentation wise is sophomoric. Unless your child in the intermediate school age or younger. Then by all means bag it up and call it a night.

I just tend to overdo everything or as Bryan puts it, “Makes simple things complicated.” I just think presentation is the key to everything. I blame all those years writing papers, doing power point presentations, and making posters for college for this overachieving make everything look as pretty as can be mentality. College, it breaks you. It really does. And graduate school is full of high expectations where if you don’t meet these expectations you fail. Then you get a career in your field, and those damn expectations don’t actually go away. They become part of your life, your everyday life.

And guess what, there’s nothing wrong with that.

So put those cellophane or whatever Christmas bags you found at Walmart or Hobby Lobby up. And find some pringles cans.

I’m about to blow your mind.

Ok, maybe not. I’m sure you’ve seen this already on facebook. Wrapping up pringles cans so that they look like Christmas presents. Actually I know you have. I can feel it. And if you haven’t, well then consider you mind blown.


Gift Wrapped Holiday Cans

Pringle can (pringles already eaten)
1 tablespoon baking soda
1 10X10 inch square of wrapping paper
transparent tap
long ass piece of ribbon


After you have eaten the pringles (Bryan loves the salt and vingar obviously), put baking soda in the can. Shake it up and leave it for a week.

When you are ready to use the can, wash the inside of the can and dry it.

Take your 10X10 inch square and see where you need to cut to make it fit better. I line it up under the metal ring at the top, wrap the wrapping paper around the canister to make sure it overlaps. Then, using my thumbnail, I make an indent at the bottom ring of the canister so that I know where to cut.

Once you have trimmed the wrapping paper as needed and double checked that it fits accordingly, place tape vertically on where you want the wrapping paper to attach to the canister. Place a piece of tape at the bottom and at the top.

Wrap the wrapping paper around the canister, making sure that the wrapping paper is between the to metal rings.

Once the wrapping paper has overlapped, attach that side to the wrapping paper using a piece of tape. I use three pieces of tape, one at the top, middle, and bottom.

Flip the canister over and figure out where you want the ribbon to go. I put the ribbon where one side covers the overlap of the wrapping paper.

Make sure the ribbon is equal in length on both sides and attach it to the bottom of the canister with a piece of tape.

Run the ribbon up one side of the canister and attach it to the wrapping paper at the top of the can. Do the same to the other side. This way tying the ribbon into a bow at the top is easier. The ribbon won’t slide on you.

Fill the canister up with whatever yummy creation you have made to be gifted. Cover with lid and tie with a bow.

Makes 1 canister.

From the picture, the can on the left is the empty pringles can, the one in the middle is after what it looks like after the can has been wrapped and the can on the right is the finished product.

You can always stop at the wrapping and call it a day.

This can is great for gifting snacks, cookies, muffins and what have you.

I’m actually using them for the gifts I’m making the in laws.

One big thought – do not buy the smellier chips like onion, cheddar ones. The stinkier the chips, the longer it takes to get rig of the smell.

Other than that, wow everyone and save the cookies from being broken. And you could make them for pretty cheap and it comes with a snack.

$1.50 for the pringles can
$1 for tape
$0.50 for the wrapping paper – I got it from the dollar store on clearance.
$0.97 for the silver sparkly ribbon.

All of it for under 4. Hell, if you are a normal pringles eater or know someone who is, save the cans for future use.

And definitely buy the wrapping paper after Christmas.

It’s the cute little things that makes something mundane into something extraordinary.


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