What this blog is actually about

Over Christmas, this blog became a focus of the family. To the point that it became a topic of a discussion between Bryan and I. Bryan doesn’t believe in blogging, he feels that its main purpose is to give people the attention they feel like they deserve. Meaning deep down inside all bloggers are attention whores displaying their life publically where everyone can see it.

Because someone had taken offense over something I had written without providing sufficient details about what the post was about, Bryan felt he had to step in. The family did not like what I was writing about them and it needed to stop.

He literally asked me to stop writing this blog.

“Have you even read my blog?” I asked him already knowing the answer.
“No.” He replied.
“Then how can you say such a thing, if you don’t even know what it’s about. If you haven’t even read it to see for yourself if these complaints are justified.”

Which, by the way, I feel that they are not.

What is this blog about?

It’s about food. It’s about diabetes. It’s about how frustrating life is with this chronic illness. It’s about how people treat you. How people easily forget. It’s about going out to dinner, going to parties, showers, weddings, events, over to people’s houses and wondering if there might be something that can potentially ruin my numbers. Or worse, hospitalize me. My mother nearly killed me by accidentally food poisoning me with a bad piece of meat. My blood sugar was nearly 1500, 15X the normal and I had to be put in a medically induced coma for a week as well as dialysis to bring me back to life. That was my last hospitalization which occurred in late November of 2011. Food, as it turns out, can kill. Something none of us even contemplated despite vigorous research on Type 1 Diabetes.

Mostly, thought, it’s about food. It’s about making healthy meals that I can eat. Healthy meals anyone can eat. And how just because it’s healthy, doesn’t mean you have to lose flavor and have everything taste like cardboard. Just because I have diabetes, doesn’t mean I have to live a life of perpetual boiled food. Because that would be boring. And suck. Big ass monkey balls.

Of course I try to write a story about the particular recipe I’m writing about. From Mumika making King Ranch Chicken or Broccoli Cheese soup, to trying to figure out Bryan’s grandmother’s peach cobbler and modifying it so there isn’t as much sugar. Or in a lot of cases, making healthy holiday menus where I can eat everything I make.

And as usual, I give tips after the recipe on what I did differently. Where I went wrong. What you shouldn’t do. Most importantly, how it tasted.

That’s what this blog is about.

Of course there might be rants, but that’s due to frustration. Like the M&M Oreo Cookie bars that required a whole box of oreos when 20 was more than enough. Or how it feels when someone pulls the dietary restrictions card on me or how I hate asking people what sort of sugar they cook with because I know sweeteners contain aspartame and I can’t eat anything with it because my kidneys can’t filter sweeteners leaving my blood sugar over 750 which can lead to hospitalization. And it’s just as important to write these rants because it’s providing some sort of education for people that don’t live with type 1 diabetes.

Hell, it can save lives. When I was first diagnoses with type 1, I drank crystal light and ate sugar free Jell-O and could not understand why on earth my blood sugar would stay at 200 throughout the day. It was sugar free, sugar free is diabetic friendly, right? Little did I know that aspartame was the culprit and for some diabetics, sugar free with the use of sweeteners was worse than regular sugar. Bryan and I have tested every sweetener on the market including stevia and other natural sugar alternatives, all of which makes my blood sugar skyrocket out of control. Maybe this can help diabetics, especially newly diagnosed ones, get a better handle on the disease and how food ultimately contributes to it.

That’s also what this blog is about.

Also, I encourage healthy eating. Which is why, every recipe that is a dessert of some kind has the sugar cut in at least half. I even wrote a post as to why which can be read here.

What it boils down to is – If you have a problem with this blog then don’t read it. It’s that simple.

I started this blog as an outlet for dealing with diabetes and as a way to inspire people that you can eat healthy without sacrificing your taste buds. We all have ways to deal with our daily life stressors, some people drink, others play sports, I write.




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