Yogurt – Light VS Original

Bryan and I have a minorly set TV schedule. We don’t have cable, or else, every night there would be something.

Wednesdays – The Middle, The Goldbergs, and Modern Family.
Thursdays – Big Bang Theory (which I now miss thanks to school) and Elementary

It’s not much when you think about it, but still.

Last week I noticed yoplaits commercials about aspertame free yogurt.

I seriously love that commercial.

So I decided to buy both yogurts because I could never do the light versions due to the aspertame.

Why did I decided to do this taste test? Because I wanted to see if it tasted better than the original and if it did, I might start eating yogurt as a snack or something. That and I remember them giving me yogurt the morning after the woke me up from the coma during my first hospitalization and I actually enjoyed it. I think it’s the whole fruit chunks being in it or something. Back in the day, I hated yogurt with a mad passion.

Another reason for this taste testing is – yoplait light has 16 grams of carbs whereas the original has 33 gram of carbs. Therefore, if I like the aspertame light version, I still have 15 – 20 grams of carbs to play with for breakfast. It could be fruit, a water based smoothie with kale, half a bagel with cream cheese, maybe cereal or granola.

And it would be an awesome snack.

Problem was, I wasn’t too thrilled with the aspertame free light version. It was ok. And definitely not as good as the original. Maybe I should try a different flavor next time like strawberry or peach. The cherry one, which is the one I used for the test, was meh.

But at least the light doesn’t have aspertame in it now. Supposedly Dannon’s light and fit is aspertame free also.

{EDIT: 1/27/2015 – I have compared both the strawberry and peach. The peach is absolutely delightful and I feel there are more peach diced into it. The strawberry, although quite tasty, has that metallic, I’ve been sitting out to late before being cooked taste. You know what I mean, that it taste like a wonky strawberry taste. However, the strawberry did taste better than the cherry but not as good as the peach.}



2 thoughts on “Yogurt – Light VS Original

    • Not many people realize how harsh aspertame is on the body. Luckily, my kidneys can’t filter sweeteners, so I don’t have to worry about the repercussions of using such sweeteners… I am quite thrilled that the yogurt world recognizes this and is eradicating it from their product.


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