Gluten Free Week Menu

Starting February 1st (Superbowl Sunday), I will be on a gluten free diet for a week.

Where is this coming from you ask? Good question.

I blame my husband.

Bryan has been on this build a better body be ripped quest and in this quest he’s been researching a lot about diet, how to gain weight, how to trim, food, and what have you.

In this quest with extensive research, Bryan found information pertaining to what a gluten allergy or insensitivity looks like. And the side effect described me to a T. If I have a gluten enriched day like eating at Fazoli’s, or an abundance of flour, my stomach disagrees with me and I’m running to the toilet every hour. I know it’s too much information about my bowels, but who knows, maybe your going though the same thing. I’m helping people here, damnit.

He also found out that this gluten whatever can imitate diabetes. This is major for us. When I was first diagnosed, after all the extensive blood work and tests, my endo informed me that beta cells were intact, however, they were inactive. He didn’t know what caused this and suggested I find a way to destress myself.

Why is this important? So with this gluten thing, what happens is that the gluten blocks the stomach from signaling to the pancreas to that it needs insulin. This causes sugar to get into the blood creating high blood sugar. The stomach tries to repair itself, but the more gluten you eat, the harder and slower it is to repair. I have beta cells. Diabetics don’t have beta cells, which means I’m abnormal. If I have beta cells and they aren’t working, it could be because they aren’t being signaled to produce insulin. Which means, I might have this gluten thing.

So the theory now is, if I go gluten free, it will allow my stomach to heal and be able to signal the need for insulin and this signal would actually reach the beta cells causing them to wake up and activate.

If this works, it means I will have to have a gluten free lifestyle for a while.


It could mean that my husband CURED ME!!!!

I’m hopeful. But not looking forward to this new dietary restrictive diet. No more cake, cookies, brownies, bread, croissants, cupcakes, pasta, and what have you.

Gluten Free Menu


Ground Beef and Hummus
Asian Beef with Mushrooms and Snap peas
Chicken with zucchini noodles and avocado cream
Fajita Style Chicken chili
Coffee rubbed steak with balsamic vegetables
Chicken Cacciatore RisottoSomething with polenta I’m sure


Banana and Berry Terrine
Flourless Chocolate Cake

We will see what happens.


2 thoughts on “Gluten Free Week Menu

  1. Do you have recipes for this food? It doesn’t do much good without recipes and portions. There are a lot of gluten intolerant people who have diabetes.

    My own personal theory? We evolved from hunters or gathers or both. The pure hunters only tolerate small amounts of carbs and only as the occur naturally. Fresh fruit, not pie filling; stone cut oats cooked in water, not oatmeal cookies or bread; pure cooked meat juice (au jus) not gravy. Violations confuse and damage your pancreas. (Beta cells).

    The gatherers don’t tolerate meat or eliminate it well. These are the folks who are always “clensing” because they feel bloated, (they are) . They do tolerare eggs, nuts, beans, cheese and similar protiens. They also do better on “natural” carbs. These may be our vegetarians.

    If your ancestor was a hunter who lusted afted a young gatherer and thy produced offspring who were genetically either a hunter or a gather and this can vary per child, they have battles every night at the dinner table unless they are starving, Children naturally resist food that is not good for them, until they get old enough or pressured enough to override their instincts.

    No one does well on processed foods. They are an invention of companies who profit from our weaknesses, percieved or created, like corn syrup in sodas and “fruit flavored drinks”. We all like them. Sugar can be an addiction, like gluten, alchol, etc. when was the last time you were satisfied with just 1/2 cup cooked spaghetti, alfredo or ice cream with no fudge sauce or whipped cream.? This is marketing .

    Sweden, socialized medacine, does not allow Pillsbury products to be sold. Interesting?

    Now, get me those recipes and portions…


    • Rita, I appreciate the enthusiasm. It will probably take me a while to post these recipes due to my hectic schedule. 4 grad school classes, 3 internships sites and a part time job is kicking my ass at the moment. Please be patient and know I am definately working on it.


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