A little experiment

There is a lot of things going on right now and I’m starting to believe I’ve bitten off a wee bit too much than I can chew. It’s not that I haven’t cooked food, I have, I just haven’t had time to post these new recipes. Especially considering, we’ve been doing the whole gluten free thing. I am doing 3 internships, taking 4 classes, and I have a part time job. So if I’m not at school, I’m at an internship or at work. I hardly have time to do the school work let alone type a post.

The other reason for the lack of posts is because of the gluten free lifestyle I am trying. What was originally a week was extended into two weeks and now may be more indefinite.


I did a little test yesterday. Bryan and I went out for chinese food and I ended up eating a few things with wheat in it. I decided to do this to find out if I got sick and how long it took to get sick if I did.

The answer: I did get sick but it was roughly 6 hours later instead of immediately. What does this mean? It means that I am healing. This diet is actually working. It also means that I will probably do another check in about a month.

Why am I doing these experiments? A) It is impossible to go on a diet or lifestyle change without falling off the bandwagon. So if I give myself a little lee way, I’m less likely to give into my gluten cravings. I’ve always believed in moderation, but in this case, it’s more of a rewards system for doing so well and sticking with it. B) I want to see when my stomach and intestines are fully healed. I started with 2 weeks, next will be a month, the time after that will be three months, then six months, and then a year.

I do realize that technically each time I eat gluten it will be causing damage, but I think the amount of damage will be limited and would therefore allow me to figure out when I can, if I can incorporate some gluten in my diet. Even if it’s a twice a year sort of thing.

In the next few posts, I will be talking about what to expect of the gluten free lifestyle, reading nutrition labels to see if a product is gluten free, gluten free pasta, gluten free pizza, gluten free cake and brownie box mixes and how to make your own gluten free all purpose flour (hopefully).

In between these posts, I am hoping to finish posting recipes I made before the gluten free lifestyle change. So please bear with me. If this ends up significantly reducing my insulin intake, the name of the blog may be changed as well.