Gluten free pasta round 1

Something I definitely was no where close to giving up in the gluten free live I found myself in was pasta.

Luckily, despite living in a small town, I found gluten free pasta. The downside is it cost roughly twice as much.

I already knew this was going to be an issue because healthy food always cost more the junk food. Hence the whole fast food trillion dollars industry. Junk sells because of deflated costs and what will most people pick: a dollar cheeseburger or a seven dollar sit down meal. The cheeseburger because it’s cheap, mobile, and fast to make.

So we get the pasta. The HEB brand and I read the directions. Boil water, put pasta in water, and boil for 11 minutes. Previous to this adventure, I had been warned of the gumminess gluten free pasta possessed.

However, now I know why. The bloody pasta was no where close to being cooked. Therefore, it comes out gummy.

So I cooked it for a total of 20 minutes and ended up overcooking the dammit thing.

Maybe this pasta thing isn’t worth the hassle.  I don’t know. Maybe I got the wrong pasta? Either way,  HEB gluten free pasta is a no go in this journey.


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